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      But this ministry of the word of reconciliation will vary according to circumstances.Word was passed along the rail, and at length one of the boys was found to have some matches in a tin box which was proof against the rain.

      The afternoon passed without special incident. Shorty came in with a couple of chickens, but the17 Deacon had learned enough to repress any questions as to where and how he got them. He soon became more interested in his preparations for cooking them. He had built a big fire in a hole in the ground, and piled a quantity of dry cedar on this. Then he cut off the heads and legs of the chickens, and, getting some mud from the side of the road, proceeded to cover each, feathers and all, with a coating nearly an inch thick.

      Abraham Lincoln gave a deep sigh."I now take my pen in hand to let you know that I am well, except the doggoned blisters on my feet, and I hope these few lines may find you enjoying the same blessings."

      "If somebody else didn't get them, we did," said Shorty, as they turned and rushed back into the cedars. thare was enuff to start a good sized graveyard. I tuk a

      "I haven't it," said Pen coolly.

      "Yes, we know about it," said Shorty, exchanging a look with Si.

      "Jerusha Ellen Briggs."




      They got a number of flat stones, and laid down a little pavement in front of their door, and drove an old bayonet into the logs to serve as a scraper. They rigorously insisted on every visitor using this before entering.