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      Why not win them both? asked Hipyllos.

      The Samians boat was lowered into the water, and the seamen vied with each other in leaping in, believing that they would only be safe when far away from Thyamis and his band. Overcrowded though this boat was, there was no danger; the sea was calm,220 there were men enough to row, and the distance to the nearest of the Cyclades was not great.Lycon beckoned to the little boy and gave him his bundle.

      With this offering the time of mourning ended. 1605-1607.

      "Kincaid's Battery hell! You get those ladies out o' this as fast as them mules can skedaddle."



      Then he brought a basin of consecrated water in59 which Byssas mother, to strengthen its effect, had placed a brand from the altar before the house.When silence was partially restored, the chief magistrate put Polycles proposal to vote. All raised their hands except Philopator. But when the smith, who still kept an eye on him, cleared his throat loudly and looked askance at him, Philopators hand also rose, though slowly and reluctantly.


      Let me see your shoulder! continued Myrtale. An old woman from Hypata taught me two magic words with which the stings of wasps and bees can be instantly cured.