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      All right, said Esmeralda. I shall like that. But I dont care where we go. Those are good horses! They drove on, chatting together, Trafford turning now and again to exchange a word with Lady Wyndover, till they had got on the Surrey road; and up to then, all went merry as a marriage-bell; but suddenly the sky grew overcast, and the day grew colder, and Lady Wyndover drew her furs about her, and shuddered.Shes right, he said. If shes got to go, shes got to go. Three Star aint going to stand in her way. Well give her a good send-off, boys. Come down to Dans and lets get out the programme. And almost in silence the crowd went down the hill again.

      Oh! he? said Lord Selvaine. That is a nephew of mine. A very good fellow indeed.

      I know, said Lord Trafford again, sadly.I never thought to ask if you were hungry, dear, she said. We dine at eight. Will you have something moremore substantial?

      Yes, she assented; and both of them thought of that other paradise into which the eating of the Tree of Knowledge had brought so much misery.

      Why dont you tell her so?

      Later he was there, and she was waltzing with him. At the last moment when he was standing before her, cool, self-possessed, as it were unconscious of that burning past, she had no more power to refuse to be his partner than the bird has to escape from the snake. She had given him her hand, and they were moving slowly, softly to the music of the soft, slow waltz. Myosotis, myosotismystic flower which means everlasting remembrance! Would she ever forget this night? Their last meetingsafest possible meeting-place here in the shine of the lampsin the sight of the multitude. Here she could so easily hold him at a distance. Here she might speak to him lightly, as if she too were unconscious of the past. Here she was safe against his madness and her own weak unstable heart, which fluttered at his smallest word.



      And have you not? she said. Tell me who it is, for I see there is some one.Good-evening, he said.


      As the bullet crashed through the lamp, and it fell to the ground, the whole scene was plunged in darkness. Varley reached up for Esmeralda, calling for her, but before he could reach her, his horse fell under him, and he heard through the din her voice crying with a sharp sound of alarm. He struggled to his feet and shouted for a light; Taffy answered the shout with a yell, and suddenly the scene was illumined by a fierce glare. Taffy had torn off his coat and set fire to it.