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      Dodd remained in the same position, feeling more tense than he could ever remember having felt. "Tell me," he said. "Come on. If you've gone this far"

      "I've no right to preach to you; but I think I may be allowed to ask you'is it worth while?'"CHAPTER III.

      Sometimes there were crises of extraordinary violence when he was with difficulty held down in bed, and these at last wore him out. Towards dawn he fell into a troubled sleep.

      "Wot's worth while?"


      "The whole of Boarzell," repeated Reuben.Thus Richard lived through the feasts and fasts of the Shepherd's Year. In spring there were hazy, drowsy days when he sat with his book under the hedgesome hole close by where he could stuff it if Reuben came that waynow and then lifting an eye to the timid, foolish faces buried in the sun-stained meadow-grass. Then later came the dipping, the collie Havelock barking and blustering at one end of the bath, while old Comfort poked the animals through it with his crook, and Richard received them terrified and evil-smelling at the other side. He grew furious because his hands were all sore and blistered with the dip. Reuben laughed at him grossly"Yur granny shall m?ake you a complexion wash, surelye!"


      "D?an't go laughing at me, but tell mewhen?"


      MRS. G.: Don't you worry about that. There's something you can do and it's not hard, either. And it has an effect. A definite effect, they say.