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      Yes, my lord.

      I must not keep you up, dear, she said. I am so happy to-night! I think it is because you are herebecause I have found a sister to love and to love me.You are very good to me! he said, and, under cover of stroking her horses mane, he touched her hand.

      "But how?" they further asked. "He had left good-by? Good-day, yes! But for what good-by when juz' returning?"

      She was growing weary under the strain, and she leaned against the window, and for a moment let her head rest against it, but for a moment only.He was still very white, but to all appearance calm and self-possessed, when he re-entered the house and resumed his seat on the table. He had given Esmeralda time to master her emotion, and she looked up at him now with a smile more pitiful than tears.

      She did not draw away from him; but her head drooped.


      Norman nodded again.



      He pressed her in. For an instant she stood while the carriage turned, a hand outstretched toward the standard, saying to Hilary something that was drowned by huzzas; then despairingly she sank into her seat and was gone down Royal Street.Oh! all sorts of things. A little of everything. I was head man at a livery-stable for a timethe man under me was the son of an Irish viscount. Sounds funny, doesnt it? He laughed. Then I went to the gold diggings.