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      The Negroes Merrymaking. 39

      then his music died out in the night.

      in Camp on Duck River."

      "The tomb of my ancestors."


      "But what decided me to leave the country unt skip over de Mississippi River was something that happened down in the Boston Mountains just before the battle of Pea Ridge. I was down there watching Van Dorn unt Ben McCullough for General Curtis, unt54 was getting along all right. I was still playing the old racket about buying up Mexican silver dollars to buy ammunition. One night I was sitting at a campfire with two or three others, when a crowd of Texans come up. They was just drunk enough to be devilish, unt had a rope with a noose on the end, which I noticed first thing. I had begun to keep a sharp lookout for such things. My flesh creeped when I saw them. I tried to think what had stirred them up all at once, but couldn't for my life recollect, for everything had been going on all right for several days. The man with the ropea big, ugly brute, with red hair unt one eyesays:

      "What'd you do with them letters?" Si demanded fiercely.



      where we expect a big fite. There's bin fitin' goin'