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      She must escape from the yacht. She must go back to Englandsomehow.

      He echoed her words as if almost paralyzed by horror.Lady Wyndover leaned back and laughed.

      Monsieur, you have much to do to repair the crimes of your father. I have doubtless forgotten them, but my family, but France, but Europe will find it difficult not to remember them.... In accepting the name of galit you left the family of Bourbon, nevertheless I consent to recall you into it.... Duc dOrlans, it is finished, from to-day alone we will begin to know each other.What is yours? he asked.

      "That is a morbid fancy, and one that hinders your recovery.""I don't think the lateness of hour will matter," she said, "unless Gwendolen is dining out. She dines out very often."

      This is the Wally Valley, she said.

      "Perhaps that would be too much to say. I know so little about him. I have scarcely seen him since he was a ladonly I have heard things which have prejudiced me," continued Disney, lapsing into moody thoughtfulness.



      Yes; oh, yes! Lady Blankyres parties are always successful. Does that cigarette suit you, or will you have a Turkish?